Lo Bosco Pole Studio Mauritius – my first pole dance abroad

I started my pole dancing adventure in September 2019. I can say I was a fit person back then but I had absolutely no upper body strength and zero flexibility.

Not much changed since then but there’s definitely some improvement. I’ve got few cool poses to show on my pole resume and I’m able to do a basic climb … 😀

When I booked my holiday in Mauritius I just started to work on my one-handed spins, I thought I am the champion 😀 I didn’t want to spend two weeks away from the pole so I googled Pole Dance Mauritius. Yes! One studio on this tiny island, I am totally going!

I visited the website to find some info. Single Drop In class costs 600 MUR, which is about £12. Membership is recommended. Classes available – Level 1, Level 2, Stretching, Pole Conditioning. I texted studio on Facebook asking about the way of teaching and informing about my level of skills (zero). I got a reply from Yulia, the owner.

Yulia has been training pole since 2012 and she’s got Russian nationality. Which means she was born for pole 😀 In 2017 she completed XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness course and became an instructor. Later in the year she moved to Mauritius and opened her first studio. She also completed Basic and Advanced Pole Acrobatics teacher training, Stretching and Flexibility instructor, Improvisation and Exotic Dance course.

I looked her up on Instagram and was so impressed! Her girls were amazing! I couldn’t wait to try pole under her supervision.

Yulia’s reply was very nice. She told me that she teaches on open level and to book Level 1. Also she was on holiday and her friend was replacing her which was a little bit disappointing for me. I really wanted to meet Yulia.

I booked my class when I was already in Mauritius. Studio wasn’t very easy to find. One of the top floors in the back of the big shopping centre. I arrived 10 minutes early ready to wait but I was let into the class so I was able to watch Stretching too. OMG! I wasn’t into stretching back then so I was pretty shocked! The way that teacher was bending student’s back seemed very painful but the result looked amazing! I must admit it was an inspiration for me to start stretching myself.

Studio was nice and spacious with brass poles and one pink coated 40mm pole.

Finally my class started. The warm up was pretty hard and longer than I was used to in my studio. By the time we did some poling I was already exhausted 😀 Eventually we started. Teacher who was replacing Yulia, explained that everyone will be doing head stands by the pole. She explained the technique and told us to try it with the partner. Everyone looked a little bit confused but some of the students gave it a try. Those who didn’t, got help from the teacher. Few did a splendid job and had a nice pictures taken. The others (me) weren’t able to hold long enough for the picture and couldn’t move their arms after few tries 😀

To sum up, Lo Bosco studio is teaching pole on an amazing level but unfortunately it was too hard for my set of skills. I left the studio a little bit sad because I didn’t learn anything new. I wasn’t able to do the head stand so there was nothing else for me to do. The way of teaching was showing everyone the same trick and working on it through the whole class. No individual program, which I am used to. But maybe I just picked the wrong class for me. Someone who is starting her/his pole adventure without previous fitness experience might find these particular classes a little bit intimidating.

Still, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It’s always good to visit other places to see your strong sides and weak sides. Visiting Lo Bosco showed me how much more work I need to put into my upper body strength. I know if I was staying in Mauritius and was taking these classes regularly, I would be an ironman by now!

I absolutely adored the whole experience and I’d do it all over again. Don’t let my lack of strength to discourage you from visiting the studio. Yulia is creating incredibly strong and flexible pole dancers and can’t wait to go back there to try her classes again now, when I am much stronger than I was!

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  1. Hey there,

    I am a student at Lo Bosco Pole Studio – Glad to see that the only Studio of the island is being mentioned on a blog and also sad that you didn’t quite enjoy your classes at the studio.

    In my opinion, having had many classes with different guess coaches there Melanie is one of the best we’ve had the chance to have. She spent a lot of time with each student during each classes (Stretching & pole) to spot, place us in the move and “analyse” why we weren’t getting it right. She has taught me a lot and given useful tips; I managed to get into some moves that i couldn’t before thanks to her spotting and tips (but also strength acquired over months of poling).

    (Also, I have never allowed my picture to be posted anywhere except on the studios pages, posts and my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts)

    1. Hi there,
      That’s all the photos removed! Thank you so much for reading my post. I’m sorry if you got the feeling that I didn’t enjoy the class. That’s absolutely not what I meant. The experience was great and the studio and all you girls are amazing! I was just describing the way of teaching from my point of view and I completely realise that everyone does it differently. I also mentioned that if I could take more lessons I would definitely see my progress faster. I was just a little disappointed that I didn’t bring any “Mauritian” move home 😉 In spite of that fact, I would definitely recommend the studio to everyone and came back there with my bells on!

  2. Hello, Melanie who provide the class during the absence of Yulia was for in my opinion quite good. She tried to do her maximum coaching on individual basis. Each trainer coach differently 🙂 we still can try to learn with each though. However i would like for my picture the second one to be remove please? I would appreciate if it asked before posting online. Thank for your understanding and have a nice day.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for reading my post. The photos have been removed. As explained on the previous comment, I absolutely agree, Melanie and her skills are amazing, and I absolutely loved the whole experience. I was just disappointed that I didn’t learn anything new, but it wasn’t a bad comment, just my point of view. The studio is great, and if I’m ever in Mauritius again, I’m definitely coming for more.

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